It is really important to stay safe online in order to protect yourself. The discounts and bargains on online shopping are humongous. On top of that, some online stores offer further discounts by giving out offers on their products like Amazon Coupons.
Common mistakes can happen while shopping online and can be avoided by following some tips that are mentioned below:

1. Research beforehand

People usually get taken in by flashy advertising and often end up clicking the wrong buttons that lead them to fake websites that get their payment details and steal their money.

If you already have an idea of what you want, check out a few websites and take note of the prices of the items you want, that way when a holiday sale comes around you can compare prices and see if you are actually getting a deal.


2. Secure Website

For a website to be secure the address has to have an https prefix in the URL bar and the “s” in the https signifies that the website is secure and your information will remain private. Some websites have a small lock symbol that ensures security.


3. Online Review

Look into both the good and the bad reviews. Sometimes a good company can still get some negative review because mistakes happen, but if you see that a large number of reviews are in favor of that company then go for it.


4. Track website on Social Media

Check out the website on the social media and go and get lots of information about the company and see how they work and what are the pros and cons of buying from them.


5. Contacts of the Company

Before buying any product from a website, make sure that you find a contact number or way like email or customer inquiries so that if needed you can contact them.


6. Strong Passwords

When you are banking or shopping online it is of utmost importance that you fix your account with an uncrackable password. Creating a unique password for your e-commerce site is very important.


7. Exchange and Return Policies

Learn and know about the stated exchange and return policies because after the product is delivered and you are not satisfied with the product you obviously cannot just throw it out. Make sure the policies are clearly mentioned and that you find them acceptable.


8. Payment Methods

The credit card company has a record when you pay through them. This can protect you from unauthorized charges on your account.

Moreover, make sure to check your credit card statements regularly to ensure there are no odd charges on your account.


9. Inspect Purchase Upon Delivery

After you have made the purchase, take a screenshot or print off the confirmation page details in case an issue arises. If something is wrong, take photos as evidence and contact the company as soon as possible.


10. Watch out for Fake Ecards

Festive electronic greetings are welcomed by most people, but few of them can spread viruses. If you are not sure of an eCard to make sure you delete it and do not click on the link that might make you end up in a spam. Tatacliq coupons are something you must look out for to avail discounts online shopping.


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