Most of the people using the WhatsApp, but they while working on office or home they can use the use the WhatsApp on their computer also. This post explains 3 easy way to use the WhatsApp on their computer also.
whatsapp desktop support

Option 1: WhatsApp Web access

WhatsApp web access provided the features for use the messenger in their desktop using the web browser. This will be reducing the mobile data usage and a user can send the faster text communication, image, and videos by using the computer keyboard.


Option 2: WhatsApp Chrome Extension

WhatsApp Google chrome browser extension available on the chrome stores. This extension easy to connect the WhatsApp just scan the barcode of your account. Compare with web access this extension pretty easy for the user access.


Option 3: Desktop add-in

WhatsApp provided the Desktop computer add-ins for Windows and Mac operating systems. The user can download the setup files from WhatsApp website and install to their computer for the better experience the WhatsApp on their computer.


Please be note all above method must keep the WhatsApp connection on your smartphones.


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