Being a millennial who was born in a tech savvy world, we frequently like to go for stuff that makes our lives a bit relaxed. This though, of perception is at the same time accurate in our thriving work lives. Well, who likes to work like a sloth? Gone are days to notate all on big registers or type memos. Now, we close down some of the must-have apps that all new startups ought to download and use.
All of them are accessible from Google Play and iTunes and are cataloged in chronological order. We have no preferences, so hang on till the end to get the jam-packed inventory. There is a big list of some real useful apps like, Trello, Todo, Slack, Zoho etc. All of these are built with one idea, which is to affluence get-up-and-go for all new productions.


Here are the 5 must-have apps all startups should be using in 2017! you can download all the apps from Google Play store or iTune store.


1. Evernote

Evernote is a multi-device pact app that aspires to boost the input of thoughts, ideas, texts and photographs. You can establish collective documents that can effortlessly be amended by all staff instantaneously.

Evernote advances time-tracing functionality to diagram output and utilizes capacities of below-use.


2. ExpenseBot

The harbor to track all expenses, though no idea if your lady love can crack it. As the name advocates, ExpenseBot retains trail of revenues and range of logs. You can take snapshots of daily receipts and ExpenseBot will insert the date, sum and a title. Travel logs are similarly offered for handling output and billable hours.

Hat tip to Simon Dyer for pointing out this app to us.


3. Quip

The quip to quick is what we suggest it for. It is a team-centered alliance and organizational app that presents chat, data set-up, chore inventories, and worksheets all in one abode. It’s fundamentally heaps of diverse ‘apps’ in one with off-line upkeep stretched to all of its purposes.


4. Nuzzel

The cuddle app for all and it is an enormous technique of discovering thought-provoking stories and newscast from your Facebook and Twitter feeds. It combines both social contours and transports the data it uses you’ll find exciting. This is a remarkable app to consume while shuttling to remain on top of an up-to-date business newsflash.


5. WhatsApp

On 2 March 2016 WhatsApp released ‘Documents’ to its split second messaging check. This has enabled its users to send out and get PDFs. In view of most of us are aware of WhatsApp’s consumer edge, this is a laid-back and dependable method to transfer documents everywhere for a small, yet budding startup squad.

All of these were just described as the main feature of “help” they offer, rest write to us with the one you think made a difference for you and your employees.


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Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.

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