Nowadays most of the people using Android smartphone, sometime people would like to connect the mobile to their PC for their day to day purpose. Transfer the data from mobile to PC, connect the mobile screen on PC, connect the PC desktop from mobile and many more purpose. This post explains most important apps to connect the Android mobile to your PC.

1. SHAREit

SHAREit the most famous apps to transfer the data from mobile to PC without the data cable. This app will be share any type data like, Video, Audio, Photos and Apps. Also, this will transfer the data high-speed connectivity. It will use the WLAN hotspot to transfer the data without the internet connection.


2. Mobizan

Mobizan is the wonderful apps to connect your mobile screen to PC, this will be helpful for training. If you have training materials on your mobile devices then you can share the screen to PC without transfer the data. For connecting this app, you need a internet connectivity for both devices as well as same network.


3. TeamViewer

TeamViewer remote access app helpful to access PC from your mobile. This will be helpful to fix some issues on the PC or make some setting on the PC from your mobile devices. If you would like to access your computer from anywhere you can use this app in a secure mode.


4. MobileGo

MobileGo is the one-stop solution to connect the PC from your mobile devices. By using this device you can mirror the Android mobile devices screen on your PC. So that you can easy to play the Mobile games on your PC.


5. PushBullet

PushBullet is helpful to read the SMS on your PC, by using this app you can send and receive the SMS from your PC, also you get the immediate notifications. You never miss out any of your phone notification including the phone calls.


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