IRCTC online ticket booking system is now more faster even before, but still some people not getting Tatkal ticket while festival times. Some major cities always more traffic, so that getting IRCTC ticket is tedious work during Tatkal hours. This post explains how to book ticket faster during Tatkal hours.
book tatkal ticket faster in IRCTC

Book faster IRCTC Tatkal ticket

Every second is very important for Tatkal ticket booking, so that you must reduce details input timing. If you are book the ticket for 4 people you must fill out Name, Age, Gender, Berth preference, Food Preference, ID card Type and ID card number for each person. In this situation you have taken some more minutes also you don’t have time to think berth preference as you wish.


You can add all passenger details before open the Tatkal hours and easy to book ticket by using master list. Following step explain how to add the master list in IRCTC website:

  1. Login with IRCTC and click the Master list under My Profile
  2. IRCTC master data

  3. Here you can enter all passenger details one by one
  4. IRCTC master form

  5. You can also edit any passenger details by click on edit button in Passenger list section. After finish all changes you can logout and wait for Tatkal hours
  6. Login again with your account at 9.55 A.M
  7. In Plan my journey area, select your From and To Station and Journey date and click submit button
  8. Select your train with Tatkal quota, then select your class
  9. Tatkal available ticket will be displayed, sharply 10 A.M Book Now link will be enable
  10. Click on the Book Now link to move next stage
  11. Click on Select Passenger from your Master list link and Select passenger as you wish to journey then click Select passengers link
  12. IRCTC master list

    select master list

  13. Selected passenger will be added in the Passenger details area

Now you can move to the next stage and make a payment to book the tickets. Master passenger list will be reduced your time to book Tatkal tickets.


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