Computer Programming is emerging as one of the largest trends to hit the development of knowledge since the virtual reality. For this reason, various schools and most of the parents all over the world gain interest in teaching kids to code. Even though teaching them to code might not turn them to become like Mark Zuckerberg, it will surely come with plenty of advantages. Learning how to code at a young age can aid children to cultivate their critical and problem-solving skills.

Coding is an important skill in this modern times, not only for website developers. Various kid-friendly coding applications teach kids how to program and f you want to educate your children how to code, listed below are five coding applications.

1. Tynker

Tynker teaches kids programming impressively. Similar to various coding applications, Tynker introduces programming with enthusiasm and anticipation. As a coding platform, it flaunts a slight superficial knowledge about programming. Through Tynker, kids can program drones and robots, create and develop applications, or have an in-depth understanding of the STEM. Kids can start coding by using visual blocks in preparation for JavaScript and Python.

Considering that Tynker utilizes visual blocks before the actual coding, there is a coherent and simple learning path readily available. A thorough and complete environment with increasing advancement of levels makes Tynker an excellent app for children to learn to programme.


2. Kodable

Kodable is an excellent exercise for kids to think rationally and learn to progress or function through following problems. This type of coding application creates the willingness and experience for future computer programming learning.

This application is a picture-block coding that directly teaches computer programming to kids. Kodable presents a series of puzzles and challenges that increase in complexity and difficulty. Children have to utilize the visual blocks to guide the featured character.
Kodable lessons remain fun and exciting. However, they do not keep the coding notions that simple. Instead, Kodable includes concepts like branching and looping. Kodable even includes “if/then” decisions to introduce the approach of programming.

This coding application is free and web-based and makes the learning JavaScript exciting by gamification. Kodable is a firm and convincing entry-level means for children to understand and comprehend programming. In finding products excellent in handling apps DealWiki.


3. Scratch

Created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students, Scratch is one of the programming tools and languages specifically for 8 to 16-year-olds. From Scratch, kids can utilize a visual programming interface made up of blocks.

They drag these blocks to excite and bring life to the sprites. Different type of blocks activate and generate loops, launch interaction, play sounds, create variables, and many more. The blocks work together to build a program, allowing children to create their games.

Kids can utilize this coding app with or without an internet connection, and they can share their work on Scratch’s online community. It is a kid-friendly coding application that allows the youth to fuse their individuality in animation, games, and storytelling.


4. Daisy-The-Dinosaur

Daisy-the-Dinosaur is one the excellent coding applications for kids. And incorporating a dinosaur into the mix is the perfect ingredient for their eminence and distinction. Daisy-the-Dinosaur includes some mini-games that teach kids the basics of programming.

For example, the loop-de-loop test inspires and motivates the children to utilize word commands to make the dinosaur perform several moves. Even though Daisy the Dino without a doubt helps, it is more on the impressive attention on coding and the challenges. This coding app presents nine commands for the kids to drag and drop and cause the dino to move. The application is adorable and charming with a serene blue sky, yellow sun, green dinosaur, and a star, that will surely make the coding fun and easy.


5. Blockly

This coding application is Google’s version of Scratch, utilizing the similar interlocking bricks.However, the only difference of Blockly with the other coding apps is that it can provide an output of the code in various programming languages.

You can view the code alongside your monitor as you connect blocks collectively. You can also change the programming languages instantly to know the variation in language syntax for the program. This reason makes this coding application excellent for educating programming to children, including adults who might not enjoy the Scratch app. Google is working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students to create a better version of Scratch based on Blockly.

Sadly, this application is not as perfect as Scratch, and there aren’t many tutorials available. So, the suggested age for Blockly is 10 and above. But fear not, Blockly will have an excellent future as a programming environment for coders of all ages.



Even though the word programming may sound amazingly advanced, it is a great to get the children started early. Tynker, Kodable, Scratch, Daisy-the-Dinosaur, and Blockly are the five coding applications for children to offer an incredible opportunity for kids to know programming. Learning to code enhances and improves children’s capability to think and prepares them for a prosperous future.


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