Many people always would like to delete or recover the wrongly sent messages. By default, WhatsApp doesn’t have the option to delete or recover the sent messages. But some WhatsApp tips and tricks help you to delete the wrongly sent messages.
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Delete Wrongly sent message

Typically, if the message sent from your device it will show the Single tick mark, after delivered the recipient it will be marked double tick. You can’t retrieve the message once delivered, but sometimes when you click on a send button it will show the Clock icon, it means the message is not sent from your devices. So, you can long press and delete the message immediately.


If your message will be sent and not delivered? then you can select the message and delete, it will not deliver to a recipient. Sometimes if you send the wrong video or audio files to your friends, how can you retrieve that? Video or Audio files take sometimes to send from your devices, so you can immediately turn off your mobile data and long press to select and delete the messages.


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