Android mobile devices play HD videos and most of the file format, some people would like to play the important video on their mobile background. By default, Android not supported this features, then how can you play the videos on the background of android mobile?
Play video on Android mobile using MX Player

Play video background on Android

Following steps guide you to set the videos on your mobile devices background:


  1. Download and install the MX Player app from Google play store
  2. Go to settings and move to Play menu
  3. Here you can enable Background Play option
  4. mx-player-play-video-background-option

  5. Open the video, that you want to play background
  6. Press the Menu button and select to Play menu
  7. Enable the Background Play option
  8. Now you can press the Home button and open any other Apps, till selected video playing in background
  9. If you would like to close the background video you need to close the MX Player apps


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