Businesses today are looking beyond mobile-friendly versions of their websites for customer acquisition and retention. Almost everyone is in a frenzy to launch mobile apps for their business. This is evident from the data provided by Statista. As of March 2017, there are 2.8 million apps for Android users while Apple’s App Store is the second-largest app store with 2.2 million available apps. It is projected that by 2019 the number of mobile users will reach a whopping 5 billion.


So it goes without saying mobile is ‘The Platform’ to be to stay connected with your customer. It is, therefore, imperative to have a mobile app. Okay, you already thought about it. Great! Now, you would wonder what it takes to build a great world class mobile app that stands out in the crowd. The answer to this is – ‘build an app that is easy to use and adds value to the users’. This is easier said than done.

Let’s examine some factors custom mobile app Development Company needs to focus on building an awesome mobile app that will make it to the top spot.

1. Define Purpose of Your App

Knowing clearly what solution the mobile app will provide to the user will encourage the customer to download it. Therefore defining in clear terms the objective of your mobile app is essential. This will be the foundation of your mobile app strategy. If you know well ‘what the user wants’ then basing your mobile app development efforts on this fundamental factor will ensure you deliver a great user experience (UX) with your app. Later it will also translate into growth and higher conversions.

Usually, mobile app developers try to fit too many features into the design. This could perhaps be the biggest flaw in mobile app design. The primary purpose of the app should be clearly defined. Obviously, it would be cumbersome and untidy to put all the features on one tiny screen. Frankly, it would also be kind of irritating for a user to pick the right one from multiple options. Instead, a clear design that will guide the user to intended goal will enhance user experience. Therefore, the developer should be crystal clear about the purpose of the mobile app.


2. Keep it Simple, Yet Differentiate

Undoubtedly, the statistics suggest an increased number of mobile users worldwide. Owning a mobile phone, however, does not guarantee that they are adept at using it. Your mobile design, therefore, should be so simple that a noob mobile user too can use it with ease.

Your mobile app design should be intuitive and easy to use. The emerging trend is people’s attention span is getting shorter. On an average, it lasts for just about 10 seconds. Yes, just 10 seconds. So there are a greater chance users dropping off quickly if the mobile app isn’t user-friendly. Custom mobile app development company should essentially ask questions like –Will the user interpret the functions? Is it more tech-speak? Are the buttons big enough? Is the Text readable?

Mobile app developers should keep the design simple and user-friendly to make it a success. However, it should be unique in its own way. The design should not look like any run of the mill product. The app design should be faster, better and consistent performer to stand out in the marketplace. Simplicity with added value to the app, no doubt, will improve overall user experience.

The value adds can be brought in by studying the market trends. Do a deep market research before setting on developing your mobile app. Developers can gain useful insights on their competitors’ strategies, success stories, and their pitfalls. Developers can avoid repeating these mistakes and fill in the gaps and resolve the pain areas which their competitors have failed. This will be a masterstroke to win over your competitors’ customers.


3. Design your Mobile App for Multiple Platforms

People these days access apps across multiple devices and platforms. Sometimes they cover all devices in a day. Therefore mobile app developers need to make sure their app is available for desktop, smartphone, web, iPads and other tablets. A functional and attractive app can be developed for several platforms and devices at the same time. The latest advances in HTML5 and CSS3 lets the developers create a native app-like experience in the mobile browser. These could be easily shared as QR codes, text messages and also on social media channels. This saves you a lot of time and money. Goes without saying it will widen the reach of your products and services.

Custom mobile app development company needs to consider that the app design matches the operating system whether Android or iOS. Because devices based on both these operating systems work differently. So the developer should know that one size does not fit all. He needs to tweak the app for the corresponding operating system for better user experience.


4. Mobile App Design should be Faster and Consistent

A slow downloading app gives a negative impression. Sometimes the user may interpret it as a malfunctioning app. As we told earlier, with shorter attention spans of users, it is imperative that your mobile app downloads faster than the website. Custom mobile app development company should limit the mobile app downloading time to minimum 5 seconds.

A faster and consistent mobile app is certainly going to lead to customer delight. Yes, it is imperative to keep the design consistent as well for better user experience and usability. The mobile app developer can use grids in design to maintain consistency as one moves from page to page throughout the app. The grids are helpful in keeping the design unified across the app and create visual connections.


5. Design for Offline Experience

Offline usability is a big plus for a mobile app. Mobile app developers should bear in mind the people can’t loose on their work time because the app goes in syncing mode or more worse does not respond in offline mode. If you plan ahead how the app will work in offline mode and seamlessly sync will give an edge to your app. Evernote is one such app in which is much appreciated for its usability even in offline mode.


6. Test and Promote the Mobile App

Test the mobile app for any bugs before it reaches the end user. Bug fixes and flawless design will ensure and uphold your company’s credibility in its high standard in deliverance.

Now you have made an awesome bug-free design of your mobile app. It’s now the time to launch it. Carefully chalk out a promotion strategy for your mobile app. You can create mobile app launch events, promote it on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Reach out to the press. You can cross promote it on your other apps. So pick a combination of activities that will give your app a better visibility and reach.


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