Every home and office use the refrigerator for storing the vegetables and cool drinks. Most of the leading companies manufacturing the high-end model refrigerator such as Samsung, LG and much more. Some people changing the refrigerator every 3 to 5 years because of its efficiency issues. So that we have to choose the refrigerator very carefully, Samsung refrigerator make the best efficiency with affordable prices. Even though we have to concentrate on some important point to maintain the refrigerator efficiency.

Check the Seal

One of the most lack of efficiency is Refrigerator door rubber seal, when you pull to open the refrigerator door it will be tough to open. If it is loose then cooling energy will be leak and efficiency will be impacted, so regularly check the door rubber seal.


Organize properly

Organize your Refrigerator properly internally and externally. When you fix the refrigerator on the floor you have to align properly as per manufacturer guidance. Next, internally you have to align the vegetables and cool drinks properly then only cooling energy will be properly spread. Don’t overload the things to your refrigerator, it will affect its cooling system.


Deforest Regularly

Most of the affordable refrigerator doesn’t have the automatic deforest settings, it will be spent much energy to the freezer. So, you have to regularly do the manual deforest in your freezer at least two days once.


Set Room Temperature

Your Room has to be enough air flow to maintain the room temperate if your room is warmer, then refrigerator consumes the more energy. Also, you have to keep it to more space between room wall and refrigerator to maintain the good air flow.


Clean the coil regularly

Regularly clean the refrigerator condenser coil to save the energy at least once a year. Before starting to clean make sure you have to power off and remove the power plug to keep the safer side.

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