We wake up every day, reading news about vandalism, burglary and data theft around the world. Given the frequency of these incidents, you can’t brush the need for enhanced security of your official data under the carpet anymore. This becomes even more important in today’s tech-driven world as the loss of one single hard drive or damage to a valuable business asset can deliver a killer blow to your reputation and profit. While you may rely on analog CCTV (closed circuit television) as a means to thwart such unforgiving incidents, it isn’t enough anymore. They don’t quite deal with the challenges that modern criminals, with all their technical resources, pose to your business. To enhance the security of your IT and other business assets, you must invest in IP Surveillance.
As the name IP Surveillance suggests, it is a digitized form of the traditional analog CCTV security systems. Here, the cameras are networked with a centralized digital video recorder that can record hours of footage and also opens the scope for monitoring on the go. While most businesses stayed away from adopting this advanced surveillance system, given to the higher costs, it has always been proved to be essential for any business. Keeping the increasing demand in mind, in the recent years, these costs have come down substantially benefitting small and medium businesses too. Here, we have put together some of the benefits that IP Surveillance in Calgary, Alberta offers your business.


Higher Resolution

If you are using an analog setup, you have so far been content with grainy images that often make it difficult for you to separate a man from a woman. With IP cameras, you would immediately benefit from enhanced resolution and sharper images. In fact, IP surveillance cameras have around 20x higher resolution than the previous generation of analog cameras and record visuals in high definition that improves the scope of surveillance and identification.


Better Security

One of the biggest flaws of analog systems was the fact that footage recorded by the cameras weren’t encrypted. This opened up the scope of snooping, using the simple set of cables by anyone who is a bit familiar with the technology. IP based systems, on the other hand, encrypt the footage from the cameras and hence, do away with the possibility of interception.


Remote Access

IP cameras offer you complete peace of mind as you don’t need to monitor the visuals on-site physically. Real-time footage can easily be monitored remotely on an internet browser. The capabilities have been further enhanced with the web and mobile applications that allow you to securely log into your security system from anywhere and monitor it.



For all the benefits that analog CCTV cameras offer, they have one major limitation i.e. expandability. These systems can accommodate only a certain number of camera feeds. If you want more, you either have to do away with your existing system or invest in additional systems. IP surveillance is known for its scalability and allows you enhance security on your premises with your growing needs of cutting down the overall expansion cost.


Enhanced Storage

With an analog setup, getting old footage was quite tricky and expensive too. You need to create a the separate infrastructure to store footages in analog form. Digital footage can, on the other hand, be stored on DVDs and other kinds of external media that are far easier to store and hence, enhances storage.

Now that you know the immense benefits of an IP based surveillance system, you should immediately get in touch with a company that offers these services and enhances the security of your business and infrastructure.


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Robbie Cuthbertson is a technology consultant and has been helping companies choose the right kind of solutions for IP Surveillance in Calgary, Alberta that enhances their security and also reduces costs.

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