Are you looking to donate computers towards a good cause? Maybe buy them and hand them out to NGOs, orphanages, students from poorer parts of the world and so on? Then you definitely need to purchase Windows computers for this great cause. Windows computers are your best options for charity purposes for multiple reasons. Not only are these computers affordable but they have an excellent interface that makes them very easy to use. You can even download kik for pc and stay in touch with family members very easily. A large number of philanthropists from across the globe tend to donate computers along with other basic needs and necessities to the underprivileged.
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As odd as it may seem, donating computers is now a thing. We no longer live back in the 80s where basic necessities comprised of food, clothing, and shelter. The technological world is advancing at breakneck speeds and along with it the world is changing. Nowadays, most people cannot get basic jobs done without computers. Things like college applications, payment of electricity bills, gas bills and other such basic things are done online. There are many places in the world where these technological advances are not reaching the poor and are leaving them absolutely handicap and helpless. Due to unavailability of computers, scores of people who live below the poverty line find it a real struggle to pay their basic monthly bills.


Windows Computers Is The Way To Go

If you’re looking out for affordable options, Windows computers are just what you need. When making a large-scale donation of computers, you are not going to just buy one or two computers. You are going to probably go to end up buying computers in bulk quantities. If you opt for computers that are expensive, you will only end up buying half of the planned numbers of computers for donation. Opting for Windows computers, on the other hand, will truly serve your purpose. Windows computers are very reasonably priced. You can get a Windows computer for as less as $120.


User-Friendly Interface That Is Understood Globally

Now understand, when you’re making a computer donation, you won’t just be donating in and around your vicinity. There are chances that the computers you’re donating will reach to different parts of the globe. Not everyone across the globe is comfortable with new age technology. There are some countries that are still pretty backward as far as technology is concerned and they just about know how to use basic computers. Hence, opting for the Windows computers is highly recommended because these computers have a user-friendly interface that is understood the world over. Even people with limited computer knowledge have mostly learned computers on Windows systems. If you’re donating computers to countries where the poverty levels are above 60%, keep in mind that the chances of the receivers knowing how to use Windows as opposed to Mac or Linux systems are much higher. Even people who are learning on these donated computers will find it much easier to handle user-friendly Windows computers as opposed to computers with operating systems.


Donate To Orphanages

One of the many places that you can consider donating the computers to is an orphanage. What most people don’t realize is that most orphanages don’t have enough funds to purchase even a single computer for the children. Most orphanages are completely dependent on the funds and donations that they receive from philanthropists and other kind samaritans. By donating computers to orphanages, you are encouraging the children to learn the technology of today and thereby preparing them for their futures and to face the world as they grow up.


Donate To Schools And Colleges

Another great place to donate computers is in any school or college. Often schools and universities don’t have the funds to upgrade their computers and only end up teaching their students on outdated machines. If you want to play your role in educating children and ensuring that they know how to use computers, you can help by donating Windows computers to such educational institutions. Especially educational institutions that are in poorer state and countries should give these computer donations for the overall growth and progress of their children.


Donate To NGOs

Donating the computers to NGOs is another great way to help people. NGOs also have very limited funds with them. Most of their funds that they receive go towards the cause. Often NGOs need computers to maintain their accounts, to spread the word of the NGO via social media and so on. Donating computers to such NGOs can really help them grow big and large and can also play a very important role in bringing in more funds. You can donate to children’s NGOs, NGOs that work to help rape victims, NGOs that work with acid victims and so on.


Windows Computers And Laptops Are Available With Several Brands

Another reason why you should definitely consider getting Windows computers and laptops for donation is that several computer brands have Windows operating systems. Getting computers of brands that have proper after-sales services in the place where the computers are being donated will help the users. In the event that the computers break down, they will be able to get immediate repair services from the respective brands. If you buy computers that don’t have service stations in the respective place, getting the repairs done will be a nightmare for the users.


Windows laptops are the best for people of all age groups and from all walks of life. Most people who donate computers and laptops to charitable institutions and other such places, donate Windows laptops only. You can get the laptops and computers in bulk quantities and have them delivered or shipped to the respective organization. Further, if you’re buying laptops in bulk quantities from your usual computer retailer, there are chances that he may even give you a good discount on a bulk purchase. Don’t waste another minute contemplating what laptops to purchase. Just get Windows laptops and make the lives of the underprivileged brighter!


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