People creating the folder structure for their work process, but many time accessing the folder structure is not the easy for everyone. If you creating the many subfolders, you can’t easy to access for the particular folders. Many times, this will be a tedious process for people accessing the folders, so how they can easy to access the particular folders. Following steps guide you to make quick access to any folders on your PC.

Option 1: Add Favorites Folders

Windows favorites are the default features for making the quick access to any particular folder. You can go to the folder what you would like to make quick access and windows explorer address bar select the path and drag to Favorites menu. Selected folder will be added into Favorites area, now you can easy to access the particular folder.

Option 2: Quick Access Apps

Quick Access Popup apps is another one quick access for windows folders. You can download and install the exe file from Quick Access Popup website after installed it will be added in your PC taskbar notification area. Click on the Quick Access Popup icon, it will be open the quick access bar with important folders.
Also, you can Add any folder to shortcut here by open the particular folder, then click on the Add this folder menu to add the Quick access. You can also edit and remove any quick access folder from this software by using settings area.


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