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Technology rising from 2G to 4G: Get the Best Android Apps of 2017

Technology is the logical aspect of all digital inventions that make life easy and effortless. Technology is omnipresent. It is found everywhere from houses, malls, offices and even in the toilets.Yaa! Technology has found itself everywhere in Human’s life. Man … Readmore +

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600% Increase in Ransomware Families in 2016

Ransomware is a malicious malware used for data kidnapping. It encrypts the targeted user’s files and demands money to release the decryption key. We saw a huge surge in ransomware attacks last year. The Technology Services Group (TSG) has created … Readmore +

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Should You Consider an Alternative To iCloud?

The answer through the tech world is a resounding yes and is backed up by the 40 million iCloud accounts that were at risk in 2016. Although Apple gives its assurance that users are fairly safe, it can’t guarantee that … Readmore +

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Manage your Photo gallery efficiently using Duplicate Photo Fixer

Pictures are a great way to keep our memories intact. We can relive all our favorite moments by going through the camera roll. Gone are those days when we had to wait for the reel to get developed and printed. … Readmore +

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Five Skills You Need to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

Huge companies, such as Apple and Microsoft are beginning to hire machine learning developers more frequently than ever before. In fact, this is an industry that more people are learning about every day.   Machine learning is an advanced form … Readmore +

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How to Control SPAM Email in Outlook?

Many people receiving a lot of spam emails, but controlling the spam email is a tedious process for everyone. Fortunately, the Outlook has some feature to control the SPAM emails, you can setup the following step to control the spam … Readmore +

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How to Trace Email IP Address?

Spam emails always terrible for everyone, sometimes you will get promotional emails even if you informed to stop the emails. Then how can you identify the email sender’s details? If you find the email IP address, then you will get … Readmore +

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How to set your Interactive Status on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp always updates its feature, its time release new interactive status update features like Facebook. You can update your status with Video or GIF Animation images so that your friends can realize your current thoughts. If you need to get … Readmore +

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How to book the Tirupati Darshan Ticket online?

Tirupati is one of the world famous temples and second largest income collection, this devasthanam provides many features and benefits for its devotees. Basically Tirupati darshan entry free, but waiting hours depends upon the crowded, so you can book the … Readmore +

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5 Best Password Manager Secure your online accounts

Password maintain is the biggest headache for everyone, because people using many passwords for a various account. People using a bank account, email account, trading account and many more online account but how they can secure all password in one … Readmore +

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