How to download Android Apps from Google play store to your computer?

Everyone knows Android is a leader of mobile device operating system. This is best performance operating system also provide the huge number of free apps from Google play store. Now-a-days most of the people using smart phone also many people … Readmore +

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An easy way to delete unwanted content from PDF files

PDF file usage is anywhere, nowadays more than fifty percentages of online documents format is PDF. Many eBook also in PDF format, why because PDF reader is free of charge and it’s already installed most of the people computer and … Readmore +

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How to edit photos from your smart phone?

Many people using their smart phone like a camera, because always capture images and upload directory mobile to social media website, like Facebook. Some images needs to be improve for color contrast or some other things. In this situation people … Readmore +

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An easy way to protect your online Password

Password protection is crucial work for everyone. Because nowadays all peoples have many password for various account such as Emails, Internet banking, Credit card online account and many more. Usually we are using different password on each account for security … Readmore +

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How to Add Classic start menu in Windows 8?

Windows traditional style start menu is very successful design in windows operating system life. But windows 8 version has changed the start menu design as Tiles. This menu especially designed for touch screen. Also make uniqueness for Desktop, Tab and … Readmore +

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Top10 Essential add-ons for Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is one of the best email clients with many more features. Many people fans of Microsoft outlook. Evan though you can improve more productive your outlook by using following important outlook add-ons.   Hotmail connector Outlook Hotmail connector helps … Readmore +

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How to speed up your windows PC?

Some people always exclaim their windows computer slow down while working. Typically windows computer is not slowdown; it is based on the apps usage or depends upon the Hardware configuration. Some people still using Pentium 4 or dual core computers. … Readmore +

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An easy way to recover lost data in windows computer

If you accidentally delete important files from your computer if will be moved to recycle bin, but if it is huge size of files or removed from recycle bin, you can’t get back important files. This is many people understanding … Readmore +

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How to Sign In multiple Google Account using single web browser?

Many people have more than one email account for personal and official purpose. While checking on email, can you open multiple user account in same browser? Usually many emails will not support open multiple user account in same browser. In … Readmore +

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Send Push notification to Android Mobile from your Computer

Sending message or files from computer to mobile many people using by emails. Sometimes you would like to send important files to your friends mobile with high importance alert like push messages. How this is possible without send via email? … Readmore +

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