An easy way to recover lost data in windows computer

If you accidentally delete important files from your computer if will be moved to recycle bin, but if it is huge size of files or removed from recycle bin, you can’t get back important files. This is many people understanding … Readmore +

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How to Sign In multiple Google Account using single web browser?

Many people have more than one email account for personal and official purpose. While checking on email, can you open multiple user account in same browser? Usually many emails will not support open multiple user account in same browser. In … Readmore +

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Send Push notification to Android Mobile from your Computer

Sending message or files from computer to mobile many people using by emails. Sometimes you would like to send important files to your friends mobile with high importance alert like push messages. How this is possible without send via email? … Readmore +

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How to Preview Pages without click on any links?

Website hyperlink is many time useful for moving related websites from your current page. But sometime it will be big tragedy why because that linked page will not be related content. Many people affected their moving direction turn to wrong … Readmore +

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How to stop tracking user location using browsers

Some website always tracking and save user Geo locations for their census purpose. But some people don’t like to share their location for maintain their privacy. Usually websites first time notify the location tracking information to users, if user allowed … Readmore +

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Readmore How to Share your Outlook Calendar to others

How to Share your Outlook Calendar to others?

Always we are stored our important task and activities in calendars for easy remembrance. Microsoft Outlook users must use calendar for mention their important task and create the meeting appointment. Some people would like to view others activities by using … Readmore +

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How to delete or block unwanted email in Gmail

Email management is very tedious work for many people. Because they need some important email subscription, but if they receive every day from the particular email their entire mail box will be junk. Some people feel after read subscribed mail … Readmore +

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An easy way to manage Android or iOS devices from computer

Do you think your smartphone complete management from your desktop computer by using one of free tool? MoboRobo is best tool for smartphone data management. This tool makes your mobile phone management life easier. MoboRobo provides various products for Data … Readmore +

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How to Send Schedule Mail from Gmail

Many people always wondering send Schedule mail from Gmail for some reasons. By default Gmail don’t support this feature. rightinbox browser plugin provides schedule email and email reminder features through browsers plugin. Using this plugin you can send email later … Readmore +

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How to Print document from Mobile devices

Printing features is one of important for computer. But now many people using their mobile or Tablet as a computer. You can read and write document from mobile devices. How can you print document from mobile devices? Google Provide the … Readmore +

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