Many companies offer cashback coupons for their business promotions, but most of the coupons have short time validity. Most of the time it is not used for people their right purchase timing; because when they need the product or services, the offer has been already expired. Paytm is one of the best cashback websites in India, it recently released the features of food wallet, this helps to make the employees cashless without any validity.

Paytm Food Wallet

Many companies provide the food allowance for their employees for every month. Employees pay their food and reimbursement the particular amount from their employers, in this case, employees must have right cash anytime. Paytm make easier employees food allowances by using its food wallet. Employer adds the sufficient amount in their employee’s account, the employee can easy to pay the amount for their food by scanning the restaurant QR code. This is not only using for food, they can also purchase grocery and vegetables.


Paytm food wallet app minimize cash transaction for the employer and employees, also it has the tax saving benefits for the employers. An employer can also payout option for daily, monthly or quarterly; even though food wallet credit is forever, it is not expiring the particular timing. Paytm food wallet accepted most of the merchants so employees can use this app anywhere in India.


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