Most of the windows computer migrated in Windows 10, still some older machine going to migrate in windows 10 operating systems. Microsoft edge is the default browser in windows 10, but Google chrome is the fastest browser compare with all other browsers. How can you set the chrome as the default browser in windows 10?

Set default browser in windows 10

Following steps guide you to make the default browser in windows 10 with step by step:

  1. Go to windows button and click on settings icon
  2. windows10-set-google-chrome-browser02

  3. It will be open the windows settings screen, here you can select the System
  4. windows10-set-google-chrome-browser01

  5. Then select the default app in the left bar
  6. Under web browser section select the Google chrome browser

Now your default browser will be set to Google chrome, if you would like to revert this changes click on the set default by app link to make the default operating system settings.


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