Nowadays most of the people using the smartphone with internet, sometimes people would like to connect the internet from Mobile to their personal computers. How can they transfer the mobile internet to their PC? If you are the Android mobile users they can do the following steps to connect the internet from mobile.

Transfer mobile data to a personal computer

  1. Connect your android smartphone and Desktop computer through Data cable
  2. In the mobile turn on the Mobile data and go to Settings
  3. Select the More options and click on the Tethering & portable hotspot
  4. enable-usb-tethering

  5. Click on the USB tethering

Now Mobile data transferred to Desktop computer. If the user using the Laptop then, you can easy to connect the WiFi or Bluetooth settings. If you are trying to connect to WiFi then you must enable the security by using the password.


Enable the WiFi security password

  1. Click on the Set-up WLAN hotspot menu
  2. It will show the popup window, here you have to enter the Network name
  3. Then select the Security, it will show the password fields
  4. Enter the strong password and select the limit of users to connect your WiFi network
  5. setup-wifi-password-on-android

  6. Then click to Save now your internet shared to secure mode
  7. In the Laptop search the WiFi network and select your mobile network with password then save the settings

Now your mobile data connection to your Laptop through WiFi network.


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