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Best Android Games in 2017

Games on cell phones have been successful at a far superior speed than any other technology. Android games appear to hit brand-new altitudes on the daily scale. With the arrival of Android Nougat and Vulkan API, it only stances to … Readmore +

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Keep an eye on your mobile data usage

With drastic changes in lifestyle, our money spending habits have also been changed. There was a time when we used mobile phones to make calls and to send text messages This habit is now replaced by video calls and online … Readmore +

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How to Play YouTube video on background in Android and iPhone?

YouTube Apps available for Android and iPhone, but default it will not play in the background. If you open another app YouTube video will be stopped running. How can you run the YouTube video on background in Android and iPhone? … Readmore +

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An easy way to Play video background on Android

Android mobile devices play HD videos and most of the file format, some people would like to play the important video on their mobile background. By default, Android not supported this features, then how can you play the videos on … Readmore +

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How to send Scheduled message in WhatsApp?

Now a day most of the people communicate with their friends and relatives using WhatsApp messenger. Sometimes people would like to send the Scheduled message on WhatsApp such as birthday wishes. But by default, this features not available in WhatsApp, … Readmore +

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Systweak Android Cleaner: Best cleaner for Android

Android devices are simple yet powerful devices. You can use these devices to perform a range of tasks in a seamless manner. Despite the fact they are efficient and user-friendly devices still they are not immune to some basic problems … Readmore +

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How to Play Temple Run Game in PC?

Nowadays many children playing the games using Tablet and smartphone, sometimes the child would like to play the mobile in PC. In this cause how they can play the games from their computer? BlueStacks helps to play the mobile games … Readmore +

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How to Read WhatsApp message by voice in Android devices?

Many people using WhatsApp for communicate to others by text message, WhatsApp will notify when you receive the new message. But when you are driving or in gym you can’t read the message immediately, even if it is a important … Readmore +

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How to run the Android apps from SD card?

Many people using Android smartphones, most of the mobile runs with low internal memory. So they can’t install the more apps in their mobiles. How they can install the apps to mobile SD card? Android don’t support to install the … Readmore +

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Google Duo: Best way to make video calls with your friends

Today’s many people using video calling from their smartphone, Google also introduced its voice and video calling app for Android and iPhone. Google already have the Hangout app for video calling but there is many features, so Google Duo light … Readmore +

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