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How to add Excel workbook list value from another sheet?

Microsoft improved the MS office features in every version. Sometimes people would like to pick the excel workbook column value from another sheet. for example, if they prepared the task planning in responsible person column, should be selected from the … Readmore +

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How to embed PowerPoint file in to Excel workbook and Word document?

Microsoft Excel workbook has many features, sometimes people prepare the many presentation files and listed in the PPT file path to Excel workbook. This will not exactly work if the files moved from the network folders. So how can you … Readmore +

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How to edit multiple person on an excel sheet 2016?

Microsoft Excel has many features, Typically Excel workbook can be editable by one user only. If multiple users can try to use, it will be open read-only format. Sometime multiple people would like to access one excel workbook simultaneously. In … Readmore +

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How to fill the auto number in Microsoft Excel rows?

Microsoft Excel has the many features, sometimes people would like to add the auto numbering all rows. For example, if they have more than 1000 contact list, they need to add the contact ID for the same. How can they … Readmore +

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Kutools make your excel sheet process more easier

Microsoft excel is powerful tool for everyone doing their office and personal works, sometimes people feels its process get boring or doesn’t have the options. It’s like merge the merging worksheet one by one, merge cells without losing any data, … Readmore +

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Top10 Most important Tips for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel is most important application for everyone. This application have many useful features, but most of the people don’t aware some important features. In this guide explain about top 10 most important features in excel. Please note this guide … Readmore +

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