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5 Apps must-have if you are a startup

Being a millennial who was born in a tech savvy world, we frequently like to go for stuff that makes our lives a bit relaxed. This though, of perception is at the same time accurate in our thriving work lives. … Readmore +

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How to Make Quick Access to Windows Folders?

People creating the folder structure for their work process, but many time accessing the folder structure is not the easy for everyone. If you creating the many subfolders, you can’t easy to access for the particular folders. Many times, this … Readmore +

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Read IncrediMail Mailboxes by Using Free IncrediMail Viewer

Email Conversion is not new to the user, they tend to migrate every newly launched email application on which they get their hands on. IncrediMail is a complete package email client application which is all about fun in sending and … Readmore +

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Readmore transfer android app from one mobile to another

How to transfer the Android Apps one mobile to another?

Download Android Apps from Google play store sometime tedious process for people, because if it is huge size of app then have to consume much amount of mobile data. So how can we move the Android app from already installed … Readmore +

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Readmore audacity noise reduce

How to remove background noise from recorded audio?

Many people recording voice from their computer, but some people face the issue about background noise. Because of low grade microphones makes huge background noise while recording, how can you remove the background noise from recorded audios?   Audacity removes … Readmore +

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How to embed Audio in to Photos?

Photos are always remembering everyone beautiful memories, so many people always collect and share the photos to their friends through online gallery or any other social media. But sometimes review the gallery is boring, but If we use the audio … Readmore +

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Readmore Jing screenshot capture software

An easy way to make screenshot and Share online

Screenshot is essential part of everyone and online business technical support team, this will be more helpful for easy to identify the problems. Many people send the screenshot capture with desktop screenshot software and send to by email, but this … Readmore +

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An easy way to monitor your fitness activities with Google Fit App

Body fitness is most important for everyone; some people monitor their fitness level in every day. Now a day’s many mobile devices monitor human body fitness level such as Apple smart watch and many android fitness monitor apps available in … Readmore +

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Create brainstorm diagram with Coggle

Today’s many companies using the mind map diagram for their work process, previously everyone make notes of their handwriting books. Nowadays everyone using Tablet or mobile so creating the mind map diagram in their mobile devices. Some mind map tool … Readmore +

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Readmore Protect valuable digital data using AOMEI Backupper

Protect valuable digital data using AOMEI Backupper

Prevention is better than cure, it is a golden word. This words are definitely right refers to protecting your data before unexpected things happen. This means you need backup the data which you think is important. AOMEI Backupper Standard is … Readmore +

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