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Compress the images in word document and make it reduce the size

Sometimes people add the images in the Word document, but if they add many images in one document it will be the larger size. So, you can’t send the larger files from outlook or other email clients, in this case, … Readmore +

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An easy way to make screenshot and Share online

Screenshot is essential part of everyone and online business technical support team, this will be more helpful for easy to identify the problems. Many people send the screenshot capture with desktop screenshot software and send to by email, but this … Readmore +

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How to unblock images in Outlook Emails

Nowadays many companies send the newsletter by email, peoples received the newsletter from their outlook email client. By default outlook blocked all images in the HTML newsletter; why because sometime you can also receive the spam emails, spam mails may … Readmore +

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Free high quality digital images for blogs and website

Blogs information is more effective based on content related images. Many free images website available for blogs but most of the time blogger struggle to get the images for their post related contents. In this cause some blogger make creative … Readmore +

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