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How to run two WhatsApp on one mobile devices without Root?

Now a day most of the people using Dual SIM smartphone, also they are trying to use the WhatsApp for both mobile numbers. But WhatsApp defaults not support more than one number at this time. So, how can you add … Readmore +

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Why should everyone buy 4G mobile?

Smartphone, this gadget most important for everyone day to day life, nowadays most of the new brand mobiles released with 4G features. Many people already changed to 4G mobile but still, some people using an older version of 3G supported … Readmore +

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How to Play YouTube video on background in Android and iPhone?

YouTube Apps available for Android and iPhone, but default it will not play in the background. If you open another app YouTube video will be stopped running. How can you run the YouTube video on background in Android and iPhone? … Readmore +

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An easy way to Play video background on Android

Android mobile devices play HD videos and most of the file format, some people would like to play the important video on their mobile background. By default, Android not supported this features, then how can you play the videos on … Readmore +

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Technology rising from 2G to 4G: Get the Best Android Apps of 2017

Technology is the logical aspect of all digital inventions that make life easy and effortless. Technology is omnipresent. It is found everywhere from houses, malls, offices and even in the toilets.Yaa! Technology has found itself everywhere in Human’s life. Man … Readmore +

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How to transfer mobile internet to PC?

Nowadays many people using smartphone internet connection using WiFi network. Sometimes people would like to share the mobile internet to their PC. Today’s many network providers presence 4G speed mobile data up to 4 Mbps speed like Jio. So you … Readmore +

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Best Private Networks for your Mobile unrestrained connection

We notice a reasonable uprise of the usage of smartphones in the last decade. People stay connected all during the day and at night, that what the technology and modern rhythms demand from us. We need more private connections, more … Readmore +

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Track your friends or families location using mobile GPS

Nowadays smartphone are very helpful for everyone day to day life, some situation people would like to know about their friends or family current locations. Today all smartphone comes with GPS, this features helps to find your current location. But … Readmore +

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5 Best Android Mobile devices Screen Recorder App

Most of the Android mobile by default support to capture the screen shot, but sometimes people would like record the mobile screen activities as video. Some people always make the video chat to their friends or families, sometimes they would … Readmore +

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GBA: A Best Emulator to Play Nintendo Games

GBA, well-known as Game Boy Advance is a popular emulator with a 32-bit video game console is marketed by Nintendo. Lots of most advanced and most downloaded application by billions of people to play Nintendo games successfully. The user can … Readmore +

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