Readmore how to clear the browser history

How to Clear the Web Browsers cache and Browsing History?

Many websites use the web browser cache for speed up its process, sometimes it will security risk when we use the public computer like browsing centre computer. So if you the browsing centre computer before leave you have to clear … Readmore +

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How to set Chrome as Default browser in Windows 10?

Most of the windows computer migrated in Windows 10, still some older machine going to migrate in windows 10 operating systems. Microsoft edge is the default browser in windows 10, but Google chrome is the fastest browser compare with all … Readmore +

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Readmore firefox keyboard shortcut

25 Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox browsers

Firefox is the leading web browser, this is one of the largest number of user’s browser around the world. It is frequently update the version to fix the bugs and up to date security issues, this is the reason many … Readmore +

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Readmore disable browser notifications

How to disable website Notifications in Google Chrome?

Web browser notification is one of the best features for companies promote their products, nowadays all modern browser supported this features. Google Chrome also supported desktop notification features; when you open some websites, it will get permission to enable the … Readmore +

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Readmore disable auto resize firefox

How to open actual size image in Firefox?

Firefox has largest internet browser users, by using this everyone can surfing the internet very faster in any devices. In this browser frequently update its features and securities, Firefox has many in build features and more than 10,000 extensions to … Readmore +

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Readmore print without Page URL in browsers

How to Print without Page URL in browsers?

Many people would like to print some important articles while browsing internet, some websites only provide the print compatibility webpage option in their websites. Typically if you print web page articles from browser print option (Ctrl + P) it will … Readmore +

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Readmore browser auto shutdown

Auto shutdown PC when browser complete the downloads

Many people download the files by using web browsers, if it is a large size of files then we can’t exactly predict the downloading times. Some people make the download in night hours, but how can make auto shutdown their … Readmore +

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Readmore change input languages in google chrome browser

An easy way to change input languages in Chrome browser

Internet browsing is easier for everyone around the world; because of google translator supports many regional languages. Nowadays most of the people browsing their own languages by using Google translator, but while input the search they must have own language … Readmore +

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Readmore firefox private browsing

How Firefox Private Browsing feature helps to users

Hackers are smart way to theft your valuable data from internet, non-secured browser is one of the holes is leaks your secured data’s. Nowadays all major browsers improved their security level, Firefox also always focus for its security. Its already … Readmore +

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Readmore page url shortener for firefox and chrome browsers

Page URL shortener for Firefox and Chrome browsers

Nowadays many people reading the article by using various websites, but they don’t have remember the every page URL. Some people would like to share the page URL to their friends by using WhatsApp or any other chat, but most … Readmore +

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