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Make out your video calls much simpler in the updated feature of Whatsapp

Whatsapp, the most popular messenger application rolls out many new advanced features in it. The recent updates like status privacy, location sharing, emojis, insert stories, and video-calling features is much helpful to the users in several ways. Now, there is … Readmore +

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How to setup Custom Themes for Telegram Messenger?

Telegram messenger recently released its new version, this version supported user can create the custom themes. This is most helpful for the user can create and set their favorite color in telegram apps. This post explains how a user can … Readmore +

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How to send Scheduled message in WhatsApp?

Now a day most of the people communicate with their friends and relatives using WhatsApp messenger. Sometimes people would like to send the Scheduled message on WhatsApp such as birthday wishes. But by default, this features not available in WhatsApp, … Readmore +

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Should You Consider an Alternative To iCloud?

The answer through the tech world is a resounding yes and is backed up by the 40 million iCloud accounts that were at risk in 2016. Although Apple gives its assurance that users are fairly safe, it can’t guarantee that … Readmore +

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Five Skills You Need to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

Huge companies, such as Apple and Microsoft are beginning to hire machine learning developers more frequently than ever before. In fact, this is an industry that more people are learning about every day.   Machine learning is an advanced form … Readmore +

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How to Control SPAM Email in Outlook?

Many people receiving a lot of spam emails, but controlling the spam email is a tedious process for everyone. Fortunately, the Outlook has some feature to control the SPAM emails, you can setup the following step to control the spam … Readmore +

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How to Setup Video Conference Meeting using Skype?

Nowadays video conference essential for every business, because if they need to present the product demo to their potentials, possible from their office. If they need to go every time for potentials place, traveling cost will be increased the company … Readmore +

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How to Connect Tablet to TV?

Nowadays people using a tablet for their day to day activities like their laptops. Some marketing people using their tablet for provide the business presentation, but they would like to connect the tablet to TV for wider and clear picture … Readmore +

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How to optimize digitally signed PDF file size?

A digitally signed PDF file will be always huge size, sometimes you needs to upload the files to some website. But they are not accepted to upload the huge size of files to their server due to less web space. … Readmore +

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How to Play Temple Run Game in PC?

Nowadays many children playing the games using Tablet and smartphone, sometimes the child would like to play the mobile in PC. In this cause how they can play the games from their computer? BlueStacks helps to play the mobile games … Readmore +

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