Nowadays many companies send the newsletter by email, peoples received the newsletter from their outlook email client. By default outlook blocked all images in the HTML newsletter; why because sometime you can also receive the spam emails, spam mails may include the viruses. if virus included email images directly downloaded to your outlook client, it will be affected your computer also sometimes newsletter contain large size of images so it will be take some more time to download. These are the reason Microsoft by default blocked the images in outlook email client.
block images in microsoft outlook

Unblock images in outlook client

If the user wish to unblock all email images in their outlook client then they can make the following steps to unblock the images:

  1. Open your outlook client and move File – Options
  2. In outlook options window select Trust Center link
  3. Click on Trust Center Settings button under Microsoft Outlook Trust Center section
  4. unblock images in outlook

  5. In the Trust Center window select the Automatic Download in the left side menu
  6. block unblock images in outlook

  7. Than you can uncheck the option Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML email messages or RSS items and click OK to save the settings

Note: If default setting is auto download; then high risk for your computer its may affect from viruses or malware.

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