Sometimes people access the public computer for their personal purpose. But before leaving the public computers they must remove the browser cache for their security purpose. What is the security for the browser access in public computer? This post explains why we need to remove the browser cache in public computers.

Website cookies

Nowadays most of the website uses browser cookies for better performance, this will be stored some information in browser cache such as your location and what site you have been visited. It will be stored some security information like password if we accept the remember me option in the particular website. Even though password will be stored in encrypted mode, but some application retrieves and decrypt the passwords.


Also, some browsing center computer may installed the keyboard access captured spy software, it will capture your keyboard input. So, when you are going to use the public computers you must use the virtual keyboard for access any banking related websites. Also before leaving the computer, you must clear all of your histories from the browser.


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