Many people using Instagram more powerful, but some people don’t know how they can completely use the full features of Instagram account. This post explains most of the tips and tricks for Instagram users to make it perfect usage.

Like and comments

Double Tab over the image it will be like the photos or you can click on the “heart” icon. After liked the photos heart icon will be changed to Red color. If you would like to unlike the photo click on the heart icon it will be unlike and changed to white color. Click on the bubble icon next to heart icon to make the photos comments.


Tag photos to friends

If you would like to share the photos for particular people you can click on the send icon, then you will see the friends list, select the friends which you would like to share the images and click on send the file. If the friend’s list is too large, then you can search Instagram username by click on the search icon.


Use Hashtag

Hashtag (#) most important features for your photos visible in Instagram search, you have to add the tags with a hash (#). It will help to more Instagram users can view your important or promotional photos. For example, when you try to add the tags in technology; you have to add #Technology.


Remove someone tagged photos

Sometimes your friends tagged photos what you don’t like, then how can you remove the photos from your profile? Tab on the photos, all tagged person name will be displayed; select your name and tab to more options, here click on the Remove me from Photo to remove the particular photos.


Link Instagram to Twitter and Facebook

The Instagram user can link the account into Facebook, twitter or Tumblr account. For link the account Go to the profile page and click on the Options by click on the more icon. Click on the Linked Accounts under Settings section, here you can find the Social media link. Click on the menu, which you would like to link your Instagram account.


Instagram web access

Instagram started using mobile App, still, most of the people preferred to access this app. provide the web access also, you can’t post the images from the web. But you can search, edit your profile photo and follow the people using web access.


Share GIF images

By default, Instagram not supported to post the GIF images, but you can post animated images by using the GIFShare app. You can download this app in Google play store and share the GIF images an easy way.


Make photos on private

Making private account hided public access if you would like to make the private account go to the profile page and move to Options by click on the more icon. Here you can enable Private account option under Account sections. Now your account will be private account no own can’t access your photos and videos, still, your existing followers can access your resources.


Create Best Collages

Everyone can create the beautiful collages in Instagram, but you need to download the Instagram layout app from google play store. After installing the app you can create the best collages and share to your friends.


Save Original photos

Some people would like to keep the original photos on Instagram because by default Instagram compresses the photos for reducing the space. You can change this setting by going to Options and enable the Save Original Photos features.


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