Today most of the business promotional videos using animations, most of the people thinking about animation is very complicated work. But really if you have some creativity and interest about design everyone can make the animation. Nowadays many animation tools available but you can simply design with 2D animation by using Pencil 2D software.

Free 2D animation tool

Pencil 2D is the free animation software for the personal and commercial purpose. By using this tool everyone can create the simple2D animation for their business. this is the lightweight tool and simple timeline helps to make the animation effects. This tool really helps to switch the raster files into the vector, also you can use the Sketch file, Inkscape and Painter files to make the 2D animation. Also, this tool supports the cross-platform of Windows Mac and Linux.


This tool has many cool features such as Animated PNG. sound layer on/off separately, auto-extend timeline length, export video with many formats. This image export quality is really high quality also support the many languages. This tool has many tutorials, such as the document, videos so everyone can easy to learn how to make 2D animation an easy way.


Moreover, this tool looks like a painter tool even though helps to create the 2D Animations. if you would like to create the simple 2D Animation effects then you can use the Pencil 2D free software.


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