The internet of things is a catch-all term for the interconnectedness that spans many of our modern devices. From our kitchen appliances to our aquariums, nearly everything we interact with a given day can connect to the internet.

There is a wide range of applications for this technology, and a good number of them can make a positive impact on our spending habits. Here are three ways that the internet of things can save you money.


1. They Save You Precious Time

The time we spend cleaning, shopping for groceries, and whittling away at other chores on our respective lists eats up hours out of a person’s week. With the internet of things, we can reclaim all the time and energy we spend keeping our lives in order.

Take laundry for a prime example. Continental Girbau and other cutting-edge manufacturers have started upgrading the functionality of your average washing machine, enabling users to monitor the progress of each load from their phones as they busy themselves with other important and productive things. It gets even more efficient with expanded memory functions that allow users to key in preferred settings rather than fumble with a range of different settings for each type of load.

The principle can be found applied everywhere from commercial washers to refrigerators, and the outcome is clear: more time left over for the more pressing matters in life.


2. They Reduce Waste

Human error when dealing with manual input accounts for a lot of wasted resources when it comes to our essential technology. We sometimes key in the wrong set of commands, forget to shut off the water, and even leave the AC on long after we’ve left the house.

Smart technology saves us money by reducing our odds of wastefulness. We can receive updates from our appliances running in the background, and issue commands remotely from miles away.

The best example of this would be how smart technology allows us to check our running water bill from our phones. It’s as simple as hooking up a monitor and tapping a screen.

Of course, it’s ultimately our responsibility to use the information sent. But knowing is half the battle, and you’ll find that the data is a big help in saving on our utility bills.


3. They Reduce Your Need for Gadgets

Technology finds a way to convince you to purchase in excess. A cell phone with a camera is great, but nothing beats an SLR. Your computer can stream shows, but why not grab a big TV?

The Internet of Things, more often than not, relies on hardware that’s capable of performing multiple functions at once. Connectivity is a prominent characteristic of smart technology, along with the incorporation of multiple features. When you shop for products of the IoT revolution, you’re bound to get a lot of value for your cash.


The Internet of Things is a major step forward for business and consumer electronics. Watch out for connectivity the next time you’re due for an upgrade or new investment –you won’t be disappointed!


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Donna Merrill


Indeed an interesting post. Although I would rather call it technology, it has certainly improved things and we can better utilize our time.

By the way, keep up the great work.

~ Donna