Windows computer have one of the feature is Remote desktop. Basically many people using this feature connect one computer to another for solve some computer related technical issues. But we cannot provide the training to other using remote desktop features. Team viewer provides this solution by using their screen sharing software. We can also connect remote desktop from android phone.


What is Team Viewer?

Many people well to know Team viewer is famous remote access software. If we use window default remote desktop connection we can connect another computer but they cannot provide the training because this feature is not share the screen. Team viewer provides best screen sharing software also we can use online meeting, presentation and training session. More than millions peoples using this free software. Team viewer also provides free mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone.


How to connect desktop computer from Android mobile?

Download and install the Team Viewer Mobile apps from Google Play store and you can connect the remote desktop computer from mobile by doing following steps:

  1. Open the Team viewer apps in mobile
  2. Enter the partner computer team viewer id and password by getting through phone or email
  3. Than establish remote desktop connection by click on the Remote control button

Now you can access your partner computer from your mobile. You can provide the training or solve technical issues.


Team Viewer


Team viewer Management Console

You can also manage many computers by using Team Viewer management console. You must register all computers in Management console application.


Team Viewer Management Console


  1. Navigate Computers Tab in your mobile
  2. Login in your account
  3. You can view here all your registered computers
  4. Also view the online and offline status
  5. Click on the online computer to connect remote access. In this method you don’t need to Partner computer Team Viewer ID


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