Truecaller is mobile phone name tracker it is one of the largest global phone book directory, already in this database over 1.5 billion phone numbers saved. This is very useful for to find unknown number in worldwide sometime we are receiving unknown calls from other countries; in this situation this is very helpful to identify the spam calls. If anyone already received any spam calls in their mobile they are marked as that’s spam call in true caller database through mobile app.

how to chanage your name in truecaller database

Truecaller mobile app available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia Series 40 mobiles, using this mobile app you can identify the unknown mobile numbers. Turecaller will be add and update the phone number and name, while user register its website, user friend’s phone and name also updated their database through users email contacts with user permission. This is automated process so that it may save the name as fun, why because someone added fun name of your name in their email contacts, so how can you updated your proper name in truecaller database?

How to change your Name in Truecaller database?

Truecall provides you to change your name easy steps, following steps guide you to update your name in their database:

  1. Logon with truecaller name suggestion area
  2. Enter your Phone number including country code (ie: +91 xxxxxxxx)
  3. Enter First Name and Last Name for which you would like to show in this form and submit

name change in truecaller

Turecaller team manually review this contact number and update their database, this changes will be affected within a week.

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