Torrent files downloading are very tragic for all people, because many advertisements displayed in that torrent client. Also this will be affected the computer performance and reduce the internet speed. Typically all free torrent clients displays the advertisement for its company revenues, so we can’t blame that company. Many advertisements displayed as animations, this type of advertisements occupied more than 1 MB size also frequently change Ads, so your downloading speed will be affected.
how to disable utorrent ads
UTorrent is the best torrent file download client; by using this you can download the files very faster rather than other clients. Even though uTorrent also displayed the Advertisement on its client application, so many people always wondering to hide the advertisement in uTorrent and improve the performance. Also by using uTorrent you can remove the trackers while downloading files, this will be increase your download speed and hide your computer IP from trackers.


How to disable or turn off Advertisement on uTorrent?

Following steps guide you to remove the advertisement from your uTorrent client:

  1. Open your uTorrent client application.
  2. Navigate to Options menu and select Preferences.
  3. In the preferences window click on Advanced and search “offer” in the Filter field.
  4. Once results displayed scroll down to the bottom, you can see all Ads related links such as “offer.left_rail_offer_enabled”
  5. remove ads in utorrent

  6. Than you can select those type of link and set the value to false
  7. Click OK to save the settings.


Please note you can also search “Sponsored” and make it false those results. Now all of your uTorrent advertisement will be hided and improve your download speed and your computer performance. You can also hide the advisement on Bittorrent by using these steps.


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