WhatsApp is most prepared chat for every smartphone users, many people share photos and videos to their friends. After viewed the photos some people would like to save important files, why because some mobile don’t have enough storage. In this cause they need to make manual backup to their computer, by default WhatsApp will not synchronize files to any cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. So how can you automatically move images to your dropbox account in Android mobile devices?
how to move whatsapp images to dropbox

Automatically move files from WhatsApp to Dropbox

DropSync Android App move the files from WhatsApp to dropbox, so that whenever you received from WhatsApp it will be automatically move to your dropbox account. By using this app you can synchronize any files such as Photos, Videos, PDF and any type of documents, so your important files always safe in place. You can also check the synchronize status and history this will be helpful don’t miss out any files backup also you can set instant upload options, enable and disable auto synchronize, upload file size limit, skip hidden files and many more options. DropSync App free version will move the files up to 8 MB of size, if you would like to move larger than 8 MB then you have to choose Pro version.


How to move files to dropbox?

Following steps guides how to automatically move the files from WhatsApp to Dropbox:

  1. Create the folder WhatsApp Backup in your dropbox account
  2. Download and install the DropSync app in your Android devices
  3. Open the DropSync app and provide permission to access your dropbox account
  4. Set the local folder where your WhatsApp received the images
  5. Setup dropbox folder, which you already created backup folder in your dropbox account
  6. Set the Synchronize method as upload only
  7. In settings area adjust the AutoSync interval to 10 minutes

After completed this settings, every 10 minutes your WhatsApp files will be move to dropbox account.


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