Many people always running their computer for some reasons. If the computer continually running then it will be slowdown. So we must refresh the computer every day or at least once a week. Microsoft windows has many default features, scheduled task is one of the important features and using this feature you can restart the computer automatically.


How to create scheduled Task?

Everyone can create the scheduled task to restart their computer by using following steps:

  1. Go to computer control panel
  2. Click on System and Security link
  3. windows admin tools

  4. Click on Schedule task under Administrative Tools
  5. Task Scheduler window will be open click on Create Task
  6. create task in windows computer

  7. In Create Task window General Tab enter the Name for Events and Select configure for your windows operating systems
  8. create task general tab

  9. Move to Triggers Tab and Click to New button
  10. New Trigger window will be open, here you can select daily or weekly as you wish to restart the computer also select Start date and time then click OK to add trigger
  11. create task new trigger

  12. Move to Actions Tab then click to New button New Action window will be open
  13. Select Action as Start a program
  14. In settings area Program/script field select : “C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe”
  15. Add arguments fields add: “-r -f -t 01”
  16. Start in fields add “C:WindowsSystem32” then click ok to add the Actions
  17. add new task in windows computer

  18. Move to Conditions Tab here you can enable or disable options as you wish then click OK to add Scheduled Task

Now your computer ready to scheduled restart. When reaches scheduled time it will be run to automatically restart your computer.


How to remove scheduled Task?

You can also disable or delete this task by doing following steps:

  1. Select the Task Scheduler Library under Task Scheduler
  2. All running task will be displayed
  3. disable windows task

  4. Select your restart task and right click to select Disable or Delete this Scheduled task


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