Day-by-day increased call taxi services around the world due to low fares, sometimes if four commuter travels with call taxi it is lesser than Public bus transport fare. Also many commuters feel travel with very comfort in the cities. After come UBER and OLA people really likes to travel with its taxi, because of its price 50% lesser than call taxi and many time they are provide the price discounts. But sometimes its commuter feels unhappy because of its surge pricing concepts.
uber taxi app

What is Surge Pricing?

Typically mobile app cab services provide the very lower price, but due to high demand they will increase price depend upon the car demands. For example if the one car available in one location but many users try to pick up the car, in this situations service provider will increase the fare price based on the demands. This is not manual settings; UBER and OLA software’s automatically fixing this surge pricing based on the car demands. When book the car in surge pricing, commuter have to pay double or more of normal fare.
uber surge pricing

How to Avoid Surge Pricing?

Surge pricing is working on only city peak hours, if you would like to move anywhere in the crowded city from 6 PM to 7 PM defiantly surge price is on. Because of many people would like to travel this time so you have to wait or plan to move before 6 PM, don’t plan to pick up the car in city peak hours. Another solutions, If have in city crowded area and your app will notify the surge price is very higher (eg: 4.0x) than you have to just move forward up to 0.5 KM from your current location and try to pick up the car now your surge pricing (eg: 1.5x) may be reduced.


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