Games on cell phones have been successful at a far superior speed than any other technology. Android games appear to hit brand-new altitudes on the daily scale. With the arrival of Android Nougat and Vulkan API, it only stances to get improved. It won’t be stretched before mobile sees some more striking labels than we have nowadays! Without further pause, here are the top Android games offered right now!


Fallout Shelter

It was released in 2015 to an eccentric fanfare and positive appraisals. In this game, you must shape a fallout shelter, inhabit it with people, and then succeed all so that it scores well. You’ll have to direct people into the wildernesses for goods and repulse evil folks trying to slay everyone. You can make babies, entire societies, and all the stuff. It has extensive deepness and it’s a game you can play for months before you even meet its in-app buying.


The Geometry Wars Series

It has pretty ample fan base and has always been termed as one of the most pleasant indie games. Geometry Wars 3 keep up that honored pact by hosting 3D maps raised out of numerous shapes to make the game extra exciting. It structures 100 levels, 12 battle modes, and it’s all enacted over 15 3D grids. As per the rule, you’ll have outstanding flairs and all in HD that your brain can feel. $9.99 may seem expensive, but there are also no in-app purchases.



An admired game all round the world for all age groups. For those, who have never played, it puts you in a giant realm where you mine material, form stuff, beat up wicked people, and do anything you want. There is an existence mode where you must pit your specific assets and food along with an inspired approach that gives you the lot. New updates have added tons of new content and potentials. It’s a core when it comes to Android games and has no in-app buying.


Pokemon Go

pokemon go games app
It exploded onto the mobile gaming in July 2016 and straightway became one of the best Android game. It’s an amplified reality game, where you walk around the real world, catch Pokemon, clash for Gyms, and rap up Pokestops to refill on stuff. It beat virtually every note in the volumes in a fairly short time. The game has had a past of server connections and they’re still toying with the various mechanism. Future updates will add extra Pokemon, change up the system, and much more.


Rockstar Games

This one has an ample range of games. Some of them are ports and others are for cell phones. On the port side, you have classics like Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Icing that off is Bully, an open world quest game that rotates around a college student. They also own Max Payne Mobile, GTA: Liberty City Stories, and GTA: Chinatown Wars. It always had a worthy status for fashioning fun, open world games and that falls well on cell phones too.


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