Music is an integral part of our life and society in general. Whether it’s rock, classical jazz, pop, hip-hop, or pop, or country – it cannot be denied that music isn’t just a source of entertainment; it also reflects our culture and the world we live in. That is why when it comes to technological advancements, we can always expect that the music will never get behind.


Nowadays, music can be accessed and heard everywhere. People use it to pump up an event, power through work out, or even as a way to attract customers into their stores. With such a wide variety of application, there also exists new technologies that allow a person to listen to their favorite music as loud and convenient as possible. One of such is Bluetooth speakers.


While the application of Bluetooth technology in audio output devices is no longer new, the advancements in audio engineering have produced more sophisticated and mobile speakers that we know today as Bluetooth speakers. Not only this type of wireless speakers come handy during special events where a loud music source is needed, but their sturdy built and lightweight design also makes them a valuable accessory for anyone who has an active lifestyle.

However, with a plethora of cheap Bluetooth speakers in the market, it can be easy to purchase the least expensive one but without quality. To help you pick the best product out there, which listed down the top five loudest Bluetooth speakers you should consider in your next audio shopping splurge.


  1. Google Home Max
  2. Cambridge Air 200
  3. VavaVoom 21
  4. JBL Link 20
  5. The UE Megaboom


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