IRCTC online ticket system is very helpful for many people; everyone can book train tickets from anywhere and anytime. IRCTC recently updated new version of online ticket system, using this website more than one lakhs tickets can be book simultaneously this updated website very helpful for book Tatkal ticket very faster. IRCTC also provide the ticket concession for senior citizens, men’s age 60 and above they will get 40% concession, Woman’s age 58 and above they will get 50% concession of the ticket rate, but they must carry the age proof while traveling.

irctct senior citizen availability
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Many people knows how to book the General ticket in IRCTC online ticket system, but some people still don’t know how to check ticket availability for senior citizen quota. This post explains about how to check the senior citizen quota availability in IRCTC website.


Check ticket availability for Senior Citizen

  1. Login to IRCTC website. If you don’t have account, please create the account.
  2. In Plan My journey area Select from Station and To Station, then select the Journey date and ticket type, ticket type should be Eticket then click on the submit button
  3. Select the train and coach which you would like to travel in the train list, which is displayed in the right side
  4. Now ticket availability will be shown
  5. Your selected train ticket will be RAC or Waiting list? Don’t worry about that status because senior citizen availability will be differ from this status
  6. Click on Book Now link
  7. In next page Enter the passenger name, age, gender, berth preference and enable the senior citizen option then move to next stage
  8. In this area you can check available senior citizen tickets in Availability details area, this availability may different from the first stage.

Now you can book the ticket and enjoy the travel. Please note some special trains will not available this senior citizen quota.


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