Video presentation best way to promote the products and services, nowadays all companies create the product demo videos and upload to a social network. If we make the Full HD video, its size will be huge, YouTube will stream very slowly the big size video on low bandwidth internet. So we need to compress the size of video and upload to all social network for better performance.

Compress the video size

Following steps guide you to compress the video without losing any quality:

  1. Download and install the HandBrake app on your Windows computer
  2. After installed, open the app
  3. In source selection section, click on the “File – Open a single video file”
  4. Video file will be loaded into the application, select the destination path
  5. Then select the output file format and Select the option “Web Optimized”
    in the Output settings
  6. Go to Video Tab, then select the Video codec format as H.264 (x264)
  7. HandBrake-Video-Compressor

  8. If you would like to make the process as faster adjust the Encoder Preset in the Optimize video section. By default; it will be middle, leave it as it is for best quality
  9. Then adjust the Constant Quality as 25, if you would like to Adjust the Bitrate select the option Avg Bitrate and enter the value. (if you don’t know about this, leave it as it is the settings)
  10. After making the all settings click on Start Encode button start the compressing process

Once finished the process your video will be compressed without losing any quality also compressed video size will be hugely reduced compare with your source and this software is free of cost.



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