Today’s many people send and receive the email from their mobile. If they are using Gmail then the default Android Gmail App included and configured once first-time setup the mobile devices. But if you would like to configure the business email then how to configures? This post clearly explains how you can configure the business email into an
Android mobile.



Configure Business Email in Android Smartphone

By default Email client app installed in all Android mobile devices. Following steps guide you to configure the business email in your mobile devices.

  1. Open the Email App in your Android mobile
  2. Click on the menu button to open drawer menu
  3. Go to Settings and click on the Add account
  4. Enter the email what you would like to configure your business email
  5. Then click on the manual setup
  6. In the Account type page click POP3 option
  7. Then enter the password for that email
  8. In the incoming server settings page enter the server at (please be note your website name enter instead of
  9. Click next to move the outgoing server settings here enter the SMTP as
  10. After that security type set to None the click to Next
  11. That’s it. Your business email will be configured in your android mobile


It will take some time to download the email from the server. After that, you can send and receive the email from your android mobile.


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