Most of the people have a different email account like Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. Some people would like to access all of their different email accounts into one account, for example, if the user would like to access their Gmail account into account. In this case how they can access Gmail account into provide the solutions to add multiple email account to their account. Following steps guide you to how you can setup the Gmail into account.

Setup Gmail into

  1. Login to your email account
  2. Go settings by click on the Gear icon in the top bar
  3. Then click on the Connected accounts
  4. In the Connected accounts page click on the Other email accounts
  5. It will be open the popup window, here you have to enter the Gmail account details like email address and password
  6. You can choose the option where your email will be stored in this case you have to select create a new folder for important email then click OK
  7. Next you have to add POP/SMTP connection settings
  8. Here you have to enter the Gmail incoming and outgoing server information. You will get all of this information from Gmail settings page.


Once you have made the setup, a new folder will be created and you can send and receive the Gmail into email account. The same steps you can add the multiple accounts like Yahoo email into account.


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