Many WhatsApp user would like to maintain their privacy on WhatsApp, it will important for all peoples. By default, WhatsApp enables all privacy settings to all users such as last seen, profile photo and status. Privacy is most important for every account if you enable for everyone, anyone can access your WhatsApp profile data, Last seen activity and they can possible to use maliciously. So you have to provide the right setup in your WhatsApp privacy area.
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Change Whatsapp privacy settings

Open the WhatsApp and Go to settings – Account – Privacy, here you can find all of the privacy settings. You have to setup the best privacy as follows:

  1. Last seen – My Contacts (only view your WhatsApp contacts)
  2. Profile photo – My Contacts (Profile photo will be displayed only WhatsApp contact)
  3. Status – My Contacts (if you enable this you can view your friends last seen status)
  4. Read receipts – enabled (If you enable the read receipts,you can view others message read status, same time your friends also view your read status)

whatsapp privacy setup

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