The answer through the tech world is a resounding yes and is backed up by the 40 million iCloud accounts that were at risk in 2016. Although Apple gives its assurance that users are fairly safe, it can’t guarantee that they’re 100% risk-free. For iCloud users that pay for this service, the news is devastating, but it doesn’t have to end there. There are alternatives for iCloud users that provide as much punch and sometimes even a little extra. Apart from having many different types of cloud storage options to choose from, some options provide more than just a storage solution, they introduce a fully-interactive office. This list provides some insights into the various strengths of these options.
icloud alternatives

Notable Free Options

Some of the best options out there provide a chunk of storage without costing the user a dime. Storage options such as Degoo and MEGA offer massive amounts of storage but comes with certain limitations and restrictions. Other popular choices include Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. They allow fast syncing, however, do not provide as much storage. Users will need to weigh their needs up against what is offered. Security might be a concern with these options as well, which is something you must factor into your decision-making process.


Security Preferences

When it comes to choosing appropriate cloud services, there is more to it than just convenience and cost. Those who value their security or have experienced a hack before will want the best security money can buy. iDrive and SugarSync are two options worth comparing, as both offer world-class security features that are slightly more difficult to hack than the average storage solution. iDrive uses a 256-bit AES encryption that makes use of a user-defined key which is only known to the user. SugarSync makes use of encrypted user data to keep information safe and secure.


Optimal Sync, Speed, and User Options

There are many different alternatives on the market, and sometimes the decision needs to include ease of use. Syncing and speed are two aspects that are worth considering. Two of the cloud services that are revered in both these categories are Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. Furthermore, they offer other functionalities as well, such as interconnective user options between various profiles and collaboration.


Before deciding to sign up for a paid or free option, it’s important to select an option that is best-suited to the individual’s situation. Many users choose a combination of these options to get the best value for money and also spread their liability across various platforms.


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When it comes to storage, I know I can trust nothing but Google Drive, occassionally OneDrive since the parent is Microsoft. We store very important information online and not having such stuff secured might cost us life as well. I think I will check out other alternatives as well but not sure if I will use any at this moment.