WebM is the open source and royalty free Media file format, this is specially designed for the web. This is purely compressed for the Audio and Video format for easy to load the low bandwidth internet connections. By convert any file format into WebM, it will reduce the file size without lose any quality.
WebM file format designed and developed by The Alliance for Open Media, this is dedicated development of open source multimedia. In this organization, most of the big companies are the member like Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel and many more.

Today’s most of the video format created with the MP4 file format, but this file size is really increased so the larger video file will not easy to load in websites. So you have to convert the WebM video format and use the website for faster loading this also not impacts the website performance.


Convert MP4 Video into WebM Video

Movavi Video Converter is the best tool for convert MP4 video into WebM file format, also this tool supported any Video file format into WebM file. This tool really converts and compressed the MP4 file into WebM file format without loss any quality. This application interface really easy to access for everyone, also easy to trim the particular part or combine the video.


Compare with other software this tool converts the video more faster and compressed the file size. Also, you can optimize the video for any mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.


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