Most of the offices maintain their paper documents into the scanned file and store it for the future purpose. But sometimes people would like to make the scanned file into soft copies. If it is in one page they can type and use, but it is in more then 100 pages, how they can convert the scanned images to word document?

Convert Scanned images into Word document

Following step guide you to convert the scanned images into Word documents

  1. Logon the free OCR services online tool from your browser
  2. Click on the select file button and upload your scanned files
  3. Then select the languages of scanned images
  4. Select the document format (by default its selected Microsoft word, you can choose Excel or Text files)
  5. Click on the convert button
  6. Now your scanned images convert into the word document and download link will be shown
  7. Click on the Download Output file link to download your converted document


Please be note this file tool convert the text from PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIFF file formats. Also, your scanned images is very low quality and the text is not properly visible then you cannot extract the proper text.


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