Everyone can save featured YouTube video in their playlist area; this facility used for people can watch all videos in single play. Many people have their own playlist and make it public for view other can watch their featured videos. You can also save other user YouTube video playlist to your account. This feature is really helpful for you can add your desired video without search and save in your playlist, and will be minimize your video search timing.
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Following steps guide you to how to copy other user playlist to your YouTube account:

  1. Logon YouTube Playlist website
  2. Enter the keyword or playlist URL which you would like to copy the YouTube playlist channel and click to search
  3. YouTube playlist video will be displayed as per search keywords
  4. You can select all videos or only which you would like from the playlist video
  5. You can preview the video by click on the search icons which is displayed in top right corner of the video thumbnail
  6. After selected the videos click continue to proceed further process
  7. YouTube Playlist website ask you to access permission for your YouTube account
  8. You must allow and log in to your YouTube account credential
  9. Selected videos will be added to your playlist

Now you can watch and enjoy videos from your playlist account, you can also provide the permission to access others can copy your playlist to make it Public. If you don’t like to share your playlist make it Private permission and you would like to share only with your friends than make it unlisted.
You can also easy manage your playlist by register with YouTube Playlist website. Registered user can delete bulk number of videos from their YouTube playlist, please note deleted videos undo your playlist account.

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