Some people always changing their social media profile photos, sometimes people use their profile photos as cartoon images. We need to use Adobe Photoshop for creating the cartoon image from photos. If you don’t have Photoshop software skills then how you can create cartoon images?


Create Cartoon from your photo using the online tool

Following steps guide you to create the cartoon from Photo

  1. Open the Cartoonize online tool
  2. Open the photo by click on the Choose File button
  3. After loaded the photo click on the Basic Tab in the left side toolbar
  4. Crop the unwanted area from the photo using the crop tool
  5. After resizing click on the Cartoon effects from the left sidebar
  6. Then choose the effects what you would like to create the cartoon effects
  7. After creating the effects click on the Save button and choose the image format and save the images to your computer


More than 230 cartoon and Painting effects available in this tool, by using this you can create a cartoon and Painting effects from your photo.

View this tutorial as Video:


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