Take a second to imagine you are preparing to upload photos of your birthday party or honeymoon onto a social medium platform. There are so many photos you want to share with others that the number has ballooned out of control. Well, what do you do?

Making a photo collage may just be the best way to solve this problem. Incorporate a few of your favorite photos into one collage, and spin a yarn that others can discern with a look. You can also classify these collages according to their different content, like holidays, food, or travel.


What is a collage?

A collage refers to the art of making something by sticking pieces of colored paper, cloth, or photographs onto a surface. More simply, it is a piece of art that you make by doing this.


What are the advantages of a photo collage?

  1. A well-designed collage can express more
  2. The process of making collages helps you recall these happy memories
  3. Compared with single photos, collages will help you save on storage space on your phone or on your computer

Anyway, a collage is a perfect way to collect your happy moments and cherish them.


How do you make a collage with Fotor?

Fotor is a powerful yet easy-to-use online photo editor. One of Fotor’s most important features is its Collage Creator. From classic collage, artistic collage, funky collage to photo stitching, its fantastic engine is quite popular.

Now, let’s learn more about how to make a collage with Fotor.

Step 1 Click the button “Make a Collage”, and enter the collage page below. There are four different collage styles. What you need to do is choose the one perfect for you.

  • a) Classical Collage
    This one is characterized by an orderly grid. You can choose the layout according to the number of photos.
  • b) Artistic Collage
    This one has various background pictures and is the best choice for you to make and share on social media.
  • c) Funky Collage
    This one helps you create collages in a cool and funky fashion. It is a unique opportunity for you to unleash your creativity.
  • d) Photo Stitching
    With Fotor’s photo stitching tool, you can not only stitch photos together online for free either vertically or horizontally but also adjust the color and thickness of your borders in just a few clicks.


Step 2 Let’s use this artistic collage. You can see your photos on the right section soon after clicking “Open” and uploading them.


Step 3 Drag and drop your photos into the cells one at a time.


Step 4 If necessary, you can adjust the sizes, colors, borders, effects, and even add stickers to your photo collage.


Step 5 Remember to save your work and choose the format and quality you need.


Wasn’t that easy? Go ahead and start your free trial with Fotor and create your photo collage now! By the way, if you are interested in design, you can know more about graphic design trend on Fotor’s blog.


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